Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Karma Art and new paintings

This next painting is a diptych, I did it right after my BFA show and my main influence was the falling leaves outside. I used some of them and painted over them, traced them, and thick molding gel to create depth and texture. I was trying to use only shades of yellow, red, and brown to allow movement throughout the painting. This piece is now going to be auctioned off in Karma Art and all the proceeds are going to the University of Iowa Children's Hospital. Anyone can purchase tickets at The Velet Rope or Chait Gallery for $20 a piece. It is going to be held at Riverside Theatre Dec. 5th at 7:00pm, everyone should come, there is going to be a lot of pieces from local artists and other university students.

The next 3 are works in process paintings and will be done soon, sometime...

Studio Visit

After the flood we had to move out to the Menard's building, some people hate it...but I love it. Free parking, all the art studios together in one building, and there is room for all of us crazy painters to be together. What am I going to do when I graduate in a few weeks? Anyone know of a studio space that is large and cheap rent? :)
Here's my is always messy and full of colorThis is clean for me!And here is Laura and Lauren, using a sander in the studio and Lauren trying to understand it note the protective mask. I love these girls, they make studio time lots of fun.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

BFA Show

I had my BFA show in October and here are some photos from it. It included work from the last year and a half. It was my first time showing my pieces and I was able to receive a lot of feedback from my fellow students/studio mates and teachers. Thanks to everyone who came and showed their support, it means the world to me!

*Again all of these pieces are acrylic and various sizes and sorry about the color of the photos we are in the old Menard's building....*

The gallery before anything was hung

These 2 pieces are on paper and some of my first abstract paintings

First piece from this semester

Large piece, but the color is really horrible here. This piece is offically hung in mom and dad's house

One of my first using the dripping method, on a wood panel from GoodWill

First time using fabric and the canvases are stapled together

3 Point

This piece was first a painting by my sister years ago. I painted over it and left some parts of her piece to show through.

Large piece that I painted first off the bars and then stretched later. First time I included a lot of detail with Sharpies.

I'm not sure about this one, I purchased a new orange and it was very bold.... this one maybe painted over soon


Gallery again

My sister and I at the closing

More of the closing

There are more photos of the rest of my pieces that were hung in the show, they are in other earlier posts.