Sunday, August 28, 2011

Starting again.

I started to paint again tonight. Which is crazy because I just started school again. I am in only my second week of classes and already busy to the maximum with reading, doing projects, math problems, and studying. I guess when I have too much to do I accomplish more. Funny how that works. The more that is on my plate, well the more I pick up and then the more I want to do. And somehow I get it done. Anyways here are a few paintings from tonight and a few boxes I finished about a month ago. I need some containers for all my girly stuff in my bathroom. Again I am still working in acrylic and love the bold colors. I am still using small details, but I feel like I am starting to calm my pieces down just a little bit. Maybe it is my more "grown up" style coming out :) But I did just watch Tangled about a week ago and now I want a pet lizard exactly like pascal the chameleon.....and I want to be an elementary teacher, so no I take it back I'll get older but I'm not going to to grow up. Enjoy the paintings! And let me know what you think!

Oh and check out this little guy. He makes me smile every time.

Circles. Not sure how I am going to continue this one.

Shades of relaxing.
I've got the name, and now I just need to let it dry to see how it goes from here.

Containers that I painted. Heavy cardboard that had gross designs that I redid. I love them now!

Detail of the front, top, and back of the large container (view from the back).

Showing the inside.

Detail of the large container.

Here is the top detail of the smaller container.

<3 alc