Sunday, August 28, 2011

Starting again.

I started to paint again tonight. Which is crazy because I just started school again. I am in only my second week of classes and already busy to the maximum with reading, doing projects, math problems, and studying. I guess when I have too much to do I accomplish more. Funny how that works. The more that is on my plate, well the more I pick up and then the more I want to do. And somehow I get it done. Anyways here are a few paintings from tonight and a few boxes I finished about a month ago. I need some containers for all my girly stuff in my bathroom. Again I am still working in acrylic and love the bold colors. I am still using small details, but I feel like I am starting to calm my pieces down just a little bit. Maybe it is my more "grown up" style coming out :) But I did just watch Tangled about a week ago and now I want a pet lizard exactly like pascal the chameleon.....and I want to be an elementary teacher, so no I take it back I'll get older but I'm not going to to grow up. Enjoy the paintings! And let me know what you think!

Oh and check out this little guy. He makes me smile every time.

Circles. Not sure how I am going to continue this one.

Shades of relaxing.
I've got the name, and now I just need to let it dry to see how it goes from here.

Containers that I painted. Heavy cardboard that had gross designs that I redid. I love them now!

Detail of the front, top, and back of the large container (view from the back).

Showing the inside.

Detail of the large container.

Here is the top detail of the smaller container.

<3 alc

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Update on my life :)

Well, here is a little update about what is going on. I am still working at Billion Honda Monday-Friday and then nights and weekends at the parking ramps for Iowa City. I have started to paint again this week. Saturday mom and I went to the Art's Fest and it really got me in the mood to get out my paints and make our apartment messy :) Travis went home all weekend and then walked in to find me Sunday night covered in paint along with our whole living room filled with new canvas and half filled cups of paint.

I finished 1 piece last week and hung it at The Hideaway, because one of my friends, Amanda purchased one of my pieces!!! So I figured I needed to move some of my other paintings around and add a new one. The new piece has an actually figure on it, a bird. I will take photos soon and post them. As for my new pieces that are yet to be completed, I have a yellow, brown, and red piece and then a 2 canvas piece. I'm not calling it a diptych just yet....because I may add one more canvas to it. My mom calls it "pickles with blood" but that name may not stick. (photos also to come soon)

I have begun to love craigslist and am now working on some new plans for a mural I am able to paint for Renee's Ceramic Cafe in Iowa City. I am very excited to work on it, a 9 foot by 9 foot area along with a 19 foot wall. And she said I can pretty much do anything I would like, but it has to be bright and fun like all my other paintings.

Let's see, I am also working on some information for the dailypalette. It is a website that features local Iowa artists. I feel like somethings are finally start to fall together, I just need to keep working on getting my art and my name out there!

I hope everyone has a wonderful rest of their day!
<3 alc

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My paintings are on display at The Hideaway!

Hey everyone, so it has been quite sometime since I have posted anything...honestly I haven't done a painting since I graduated. I know I need to get started on some, but I just haven't made the time too. But now since a bunch of my paintings are on display at The Hideaway and Travis and I's walls are bare in our apartment, I have to paint! :) Here are some photos of my work hanging up. Showing some of my larger pieces.



A dark photo but I have pieces between the windows.

This piece is a combination of my sister and myself. Only her painting was done years prior to the finished product.
One of my favorites, now our kitchen is a little less colorful

Another dark is a restaurant/bar

Note for the ATM...all of my pieces are for sale :)

Just a little guy by the door.
Now I have to name them. Before I didn't know if I would actually name my paintings, but the more I think of them hanging they need to be named. Maybe they will feel more complete to me if they are named. I can't wait to get off work tonight and start painting! New photos to come very soon of my new process of painting.

The Hideaway is located at 310 East Prentiss Street Iowa City, Iowa. 319.248.0077

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Karma Art and new paintings

This next painting is a diptych, I did it right after my BFA show and my main influence was the falling leaves outside. I used some of them and painted over them, traced them, and thick molding gel to create depth and texture. I was trying to use only shades of yellow, red, and brown to allow movement throughout the painting. This piece is now going to be auctioned off in Karma Art and all the proceeds are going to the University of Iowa Children's Hospital. Anyone can purchase tickets at The Velet Rope or Chait Gallery for $20 a piece. It is going to be held at Riverside Theatre Dec. 5th at 7:00pm, everyone should come, there is going to be a lot of pieces from local artists and other university students.

The next 3 are works in process paintings and will be done soon, sometime...

Studio Visit

After the flood we had to move out to the Menard's building, some people hate it...but I love it. Free parking, all the art studios together in one building, and there is room for all of us crazy painters to be together. What am I going to do when I graduate in a few weeks? Anyone know of a studio space that is large and cheap rent? :)
Here's my is always messy and full of colorThis is clean for me!And here is Laura and Lauren, using a sander in the studio and Lauren trying to understand it note the protective mask. I love these girls, they make studio time lots of fun.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

BFA Show

I had my BFA show in October and here are some photos from it. It included work from the last year and a half. It was my first time showing my pieces and I was able to receive a lot of feedback from my fellow students/studio mates and teachers. Thanks to everyone who came and showed their support, it means the world to me!

*Again all of these pieces are acrylic and various sizes and sorry about the color of the photos we are in the old Menard's building....*

The gallery before anything was hung

These 2 pieces are on paper and some of my first abstract paintings

First piece from this semester

Large piece, but the color is really horrible here. This piece is offically hung in mom and dad's house

One of my first using the dripping method, on a wood panel from GoodWill

First time using fabric and the canvases are stapled together

3 Point

This piece was first a painting by my sister years ago. I painted over it and left some parts of her piece to show through.

Large piece that I painted first off the bars and then stretched later. First time I included a lot of detail with Sharpies.

I'm not sure about this one, I purchased a new orange and it was very bold.... this one maybe painted over soon


Gallery again

My sister and I at the closing

More of the closing

There are more photos of the rest of my pieces that were hung in the show, they are in other earlier posts.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Acrylic and mixed media Spring 2009
(this was one of the first ones I did with texture...and I made the texture out of Ice-melt, salt and rocks)

Acrylic and High Gloss Gel
Spring 2009

Dopper Effect
Acrylic and Mixed Medias
Oct 2009
(I sewed 7 canvas together for this one, I don't like working small)

Acrylic and Mixed Media
Spring 2009

Sept 2009

Oil, Acrylic, and Gold Leaf
Fall 2008
(This was the first large painting I produced, and the first time I used Gold Leaf)