Thursday, June 10, 2010

Update on my life :)

Well, here is a little update about what is going on. I am still working at Billion Honda Monday-Friday and then nights and weekends at the parking ramps for Iowa City. I have started to paint again this week. Saturday mom and I went to the Art's Fest and it really got me in the mood to get out my paints and make our apartment messy :) Travis went home all weekend and then walked in to find me Sunday night covered in paint along with our whole living room filled with new canvas and half filled cups of paint.

I finished 1 piece last week and hung it at The Hideaway, because one of my friends, Amanda purchased one of my pieces!!! So I figured I needed to move some of my other paintings around and add a new one. The new piece has an actually figure on it, a bird. I will take photos soon and post them. As for my new pieces that are yet to be completed, I have a yellow, brown, and red piece and then a 2 canvas piece. I'm not calling it a diptych just yet....because I may add one more canvas to it. My mom calls it "pickles with blood" but that name may not stick. (photos also to come soon)

I have begun to love craigslist and am now working on some new plans for a mural I am able to paint for Renee's Ceramic Cafe in Iowa City. I am very excited to work on it, a 9 foot by 9 foot area along with a 19 foot wall. And she said I can pretty much do anything I would like, but it has to be bright and fun like all my other paintings.

Let's see, I am also working on some information for the dailypalette. It is a website that features local Iowa artists. I feel like somethings are finally start to fall together, I just need to keep working on getting my art and my name out there!

I hope everyone has a wonderful rest of their day!
<3 alc

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